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PLAN: To photograph 100 different lips before the end of 2015
WHY: Just because!


FILM SUNDAYS is a monthly screening of mostly independent films with interesting / controversial / enlightening topics and engaging plots with which the Nigerian audience can relate.

Too often, Nigerians are exposed only to the ‘mainstream’ Hollywood movies (many of which have very little to offer in terms of originality in story and content) at the cinemas, and it is now the responsibility of filmmakers and film lovers to share independent films with each other and as many Nigerians as possible so as to spark more conversations and discussions about different societal issues that ‘mainstream’ movies are inclined to steer clear of..

Many aspiring filmmakers in Nigeria, including those who haven’t had the exposure and access to a variety of movie types, also need avenues like FILM SUNDAYS to broaden their horizons and sources of inspiration in filmmaking.

FILM SUNDAYS is also a space for filmmakers to meet prospective sponsors, film critics, and intellectuals; and for all parties to collaborate in the future on different levels in order to contribute to the growth of the independent film industry in Nigeria.

FILM SUNDAYS happens on the last Sunday of every month, at Studio of Modé in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, with a starting time of 3:30pm.